• 12-02-2018 | Vietnamese Painting Auction Shaping Professional Market

  • In addition to buying paintings from galleries or directly from painters as usual, there is a new way of buying and selling works of art via auction floors which professionalise the Vietnamese portraiture market.


    Literally, many paintings have been successfully auctioned via such auction floors as Lythi Auction, Chon’s, Lac Viet and Gem Centre.


    Artwork auctions have long existed in Vietnam but it is rather new in Vietnam. These will help open up a new public channel for buying and selling magnum opuses which will reduce tax loss for the State Budget and inspire creations by Vietnamese artists and encourage aficionados and collectors to access genuine artworks that are protected by law.


    According to many experts, to professionalise this activity, art auctioneers necessarily employ highly qualified professional appraisers to evaluate art quality and prevent counterfeiting.


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