• 22-02-2011 | Press release-Vietnam Beauties: A Modern Perspective 3 | Vietnam Art House, The Hague


    Beautiful paintings, Vietnamese music and tasty food!

    With these ingredients it is no surprise that the reopening of Vietnam Art House on February 19th was a resounding succes.

    Over 80 visitors came to see us and spent an enjoyable afternoon at the gallery in The Hague.


    Like before many different nationalities were represented which put Vietnamese painting in a truly global context,.


    The presence of His Excellency The Ambassador of Vietnam to the Netherlands certainly underlines the importance that Vietnam attaches to the worldwide presentation of its culture.  


    Some of our guests were so enchanted by what they saw that they decided to acquire a painting on the spot and options were taken.
    Beautiful art and likely a sound investment: a nice combination!

    Art for Hire, recently introduced by Vietnam Art House, also drew attention and this offering will mean even more people enjoying art from Vietnam in their home.


    Whether you bought or just enjoyed the surroundings: a big thank you to all our visitors and to those who were not able to come and see us:


    You missed a wonderful happening so we do hope to welcome you at one of our future openings! 


  • VBMP 3 - Ambassador
  • MCNV