• 13-07-2017 | Opening Day of Vietnam Beauties: A Modern Perspective 4

  • Following the success of the previous fine arts exhibitions, the art exhibition ‘Vietnam Beauties: A Modern Perspective 4’ – endorsed by the Embassy of Vietnam to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, supported by Vietnam Consult & Trading (VCT) and other partners as well as the participating artists - has been organized by Vietnam Art Houseon July 10th, 2017.


    The exhibition is displaying more than 75 paintings by 13 Vietnamese artists, featuring the participation of five young emerging artists.


    The opening ceremony attracted nearly fifty visitors who are the Dutch and international businessmen, CEOs, diplomats and collectors. They are truly interested in Vietnamese culture and have spent an enjoyable afternoon at the gallery in The Hague.


    At the exhibition, the auction for displayed paintings took place in a fun and exciting atmosphere. A number of paintings have been successfully auctioned. In addition, some visitors were also interested in and selected some of the other paintings displayed at the exhibition for their collection.


    A big thank to all of you who have come and joined the event. You are always welcome at the Vietnam Art House.