Artist : Le Thua


Le Thua has a talent for capturing in water colors the beauty of both rural and urban Vietnam.

Born in 1938 at Chau Doc

Graduated from GiaDinh Fine Arts School for the Impressionism style.


- 1962 Exhibition of paintings ‘Saloon of Spring’

- 1963 October Exhibition

- 1968 - 1979 SoloExhibitions of oil paintings in special subject in An Giang province

- 1994 Spring season exhibition of the new year Giap Tuat at the cultural labor hour - Ho Chi Minh city

- 1997 Group exhibition in the Netherlands and Switzerland

- 1998 Exhibition in France

- 1999 Exhibition in USA

- 2001 - 2005Solo Exhibitionsat Le Xuan Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City

- 2002 Exhibition in Denmark

- 2003 Exhibition in USA and Singapore

- 2006 Exhibition in USA and New Zealand

Silk, oil painting and folk paper are selected for private collections in France, USA, England, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Norway and Thailand.

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