Artist : Cuong Nguyen



Born in 1976 in Bac Giang
- 2000 Group Exhibition of Three Asian Fine Arts Universities of Vietnam, Japan and Thailand
- 2002 Group Exhibition ‘Asia Invitation’ in Korea
- 2005 Group Exhibition ‘National Fine Arts Exhibition’ in Vietnam
- 2009 Group Exhibition ‘Hanoi Welcome’in Hanoi
            Museum Group Exhibition in HCMC
- 2010 Group Exhibition ‘Summer Exhibition’in UK
           Group Exhibition ‘Asian Art Link’ in Philippines
           Group Exhibition ‘Contemporary Art-Vietnam’ in Malaysia
- 2011 ‘Nguyen Van Cuong and Ngo Van Cuong’, Hanoi
           Group Exhibition ‘Moving on’ in UK
           Group Exhibition ‘Dogma’ in HCMC and Hanoi
- 2012 Solo Exhibition ‘The Makeup Faces’in Hanoi
- 2013 Exhibition ‘20th Korea Art International Open’ in Korea
           ‘Exhibition Art Asia’, AiBo Asian Art Exhibition, in Florida, USA
- 2014 Group Exhibition ‘Vietnam-Korea Friendship’
- 2015 Group Exhibition in USA
- 2016 Solo Exhibition ‘Rendez-vous’ at ArtBlue Studio, Singapore
- 2017 Group Exhibition ‘Vietnam - Myanmar Charm and Beauty’ at Yangon, Myanmar



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