Artist : Anh Tran


Bornin 1981 in Hanoi

Graduatedwith BA degree from the Hanoi Fine Arts Universityin 2004
Graduated with MA degree from the Vietnam Fine Arts Universityin 2008 Lecturer of Vietnam Fine Arts University
Member of Hanoi Fine Arts Association and Vietnam Fine Arts Association
- 2000 National Fine Arts Exhibition
- 2001Nokia Arts Award - Asia Pacific
- 2002Capital Fine Arts Exhibition
- 2003Lacquer Painting Exhibition in Sweden
- 2004 Group Exhibition ‘The Giving Water’ in Hanoi
          Asia Europe Art Camps in Tokyo, Japan
          Group Exhibition of Pac III by Thai-Vietnamese
- American Artists in Hanoi
- 2005 Group Video Art Exhibition in Hanoi
          Group Exhibition ‘The Tree’ in Hanoi
- 2006 Group Exhibition ‘Sun of May’ and ‘Red Bamboo’ in Hanoi, and ‘Linkage’ in HCMC
- 2007-2008 Festival National Young of Fine Arts
                   Group Exhibitions ‘Spring’, ‘March’, ‘Neo’ and ‘Periodic 8’ in Hanoi and HCMC
- 2009 Group Exhibition ‘What is Identity?’ in Hanoi
- 2010 National Fine Arts Exhibition 
          Group Exhibition ‘Qua Pho Nho gi?’ in Hanoi
- 2011 Group Exhibition ‘Emergency room’ in Hanoi
- 2012 Group Exhibition ‘Doi Thoai voi Dinh’in Hanoi
- 2014-2015 Group Exhibition ‘Islands sovereignty of Vietnam’ and ‘Silk’ in Hanoi
- 2016 Group Exhibition ‘Ngay diu dang’ in Hanoi 
          Group Exhibition ‘Vietnam's silk painting’ in Russia
- 2017 Group Exhibition ‘Spring 2017’in Hanoi
          Group Exhibition ‘Vietnam - Myanmar Charm  and Beauty’in Myanmar



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