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Vietnam Art House makes it´s art works available for hire.


Not yet decided what you want to buy, what goes well in your home or office? Vietnam Art House helps you with the answer. Have a try out, exchange a painting to see the effects in your environment! Please take a look at the rental terms, it is in English. Dutch speaker please kindly contact us for term enquiry.



  • Rental of Vietnamese Arts offers flexibility for a reasonable price
  • Rental of artwork for a minimum duration of twelve months
  • Yearly rental price
    • Value of art work up to €1000 : 18%
    • Value of art work from €1000 to €2000 : 14%
    • Value of art work above €2000 : 12%
  • Rental prices are excluding VAT



Please contact us for further information.


Rental Agreement

Please contact us for further information.


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Where can I see the works displayed?

Vietnam Art House, Laan v Meerdervoort 89, 2517 AT Den Haag.Visit this link for our opening hours.

  •  What is the duration of the rental?

12 months.

  •  Am I allowed to switch the painting?

Yes, during the contract period, you may exchange the painting once for an equivalent painting

  •  Can I buy the painting?

Yes, the rented painting may be purchased. Half of the rental sum will be substracted from the original purchase price.

  •  What are the conditions for rental of paintings at the Vietnam Art House?

Please contact us for further information.